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  • Vendor: Bridonista Classic
  • Type: Wedding Dresses
  • Ausschnitt Herz,
  • Carmen,
  • Glitzer-Tüll,
  • Klassik,
  • Klassik Kollektion,
  • Off the Shoulder,
  • Perlen,
  • Princess,
  • Romantik,
  • Rücken Gerade,
  • Schleppe Lang,
  • Spitze,
  • Tüll,


Product description

Bridonista C24-11

Hey you, are you ready for an absolute dream dress? The Bridonista C24-11 is just the thing for you! With its sweetheart neckline and princess cut, it perfectly accentuates your natural beauty.

The dress is made of high-quality lace and tulle, which gives it a touch of elegance. But that's not all - small pearls adorn the entire dress, guaranteeing you a sparkling appearance.

The long train gives the dress a classic touch and makes you feel like a real princess. The glitter effect provides the extra wow factor and gives you a very special appearance.

The Carmen straps give the dress a romantic touch and emphasize your shoulders in an elegant way. And yes, the dress is definitely pompous – it will draw everyone’s attention to you!

So go ahead, grab the Bridonista C24-11 and become the radiant center of attention at your wedding. You'll feel like you're in a fairytale!

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