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  • Vendor: Bridonista Glam
  • Type: Wedding Dresses
  • Ausschnitt Quadratisch,
  • Ausschnitt V,
  • Clean,
  • Corsage geraffelt,
  • Crepe,
  • Fit and Flare,
  • Glam Kollektion,
  • Modern,
  • Sexy,
  • Spaghetti-Träger,
  • Top-Seller,


Product description

Many fit and flare dresses impress with lace applications and glitter. With this prejudice BG23-34 clears up! This beautiful fit and flare dress comes without these details and convinces with its simple elegance. However, enchanting little eye-catchers still provide a wow effect. The ruffled corset with fine spaghetti straps conjures up a beautiful décolleté and provides a firm hold for all sizes. The elegant skirt nestles femininely to the curves of its wearer through its crêpe fabric and conjures up a stunning silhouette. The long train with fine decorative buttons guarantees you a grand and elegant appearance on your wedding day. If you want to try on this dream dress, make an appointment at a Bridonista retailer and slip into this wedding dress.

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