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  • Vendor: Bridonista Glam
  • Type: Wedding Dresses
  • A-Linie,
  • Ausschnitt V,
  • Boho / Vintage,
  • Elegant,
  • Glam Kollektion,
  • Glitzer-Tüll,
  • Klassik,
  • Perlen,
  • Spitze,
  • Tüll,


Product description

If you are looking for adjectives that do justice to Style BG23-08, you don't have to think long: glamorous, feminine, playful, romantic. This dream dress reflects the perfect balance between girl and woman, and surprises with a unique embroidery. We love the high quality tailored corsage, with extra boning and push-up cups, giving you effortless comfort and stability. The rose lace is made up of larger and smaller flowers and leaves that entwine throughout the dress. As in nature, the lace is organically placed and visually grows from the train, over the skirt into the corsage. The corsage captivates not only by its usualness, but also by its delicacy; the designer achieved this effect by using only small flowers and leaves in the corsage, and placing the larger elements in the skirt and train. The glitter tulle in the skirt provides a soft shimmer and emphasizes the romantic side of the bride.

This wedding dress is available with skin/ or ivory mesh colors in the corsage, as well as lining colors of the skirt in ivory/ champagne/ blush.

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