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From Princess to Mermaid: the right wedding dress for every figure

It should fit like a glove and, if possible, enchant you in every way possible: It is understandable that you, like every bride, want only the best on one of the most beautiful days of your life. The first step is a wedding dress that highlights your individual beauty in the best possible way. So you are looking for a model that is perfectly tailored to your body type.

You can find out what options are generally available to you in this compact overview, which is all about the different wedding dress styles.

Princess/Duchesse: the dream of many little girls and future brides

Are you one of those brides who has dreamed of a princess wedding since childhood? If the answer is yes, then the princess look, which is reminiscent of the splendor and opulence of the Baroque era, is made for you.

A bodice that stretches the upper body in a flattering way and a puffy, bell-shaped skirt in a wide, flared shape are characteristic of princess wedding dresses. There are also small, effective extras that draw the eye to other highlights. If, for example, the bride's delicate shoulders are to be emphasized, we recommend shoulder-free models.

A-line: a timeless classic that suits every bride

Just like the princess dress, the A-line has a very special significance in the long list of wedding dress shapes. In short: with its tight-fitting top and wide skirt from the waist, it is suitable for every body type without exception.

Would you like to cleverly conceal any problem areas and instead put your personal assets in the spotlight? Then the flattering and stylish A-line wedding dresses are just the thing for you!

How do you distinguish this popular wedding dress style from other variants? It's very simple! The name alone provides sufficient orientation, as it is based on the similarity to the letter A, in keeping with the motto: narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.

The Empire style: a good choice (not only) for boho weddings

Delicate, unconventional and extremely feminine: that's what empire-style wedding dresses look like. Similar to the A-line, you benefit from the flattering shape. A waist that starts below the bust and from which the skirt falls loosely downwards makes this model a master at hiding weak spots on the hips, legs and stomach.

Is your baby on the way? Even then, the A-line dress is an excellent solution that will give you a light, elf-like look at any stage of your pregnancy.

A tribute to curves worth seeing: fit and flare, trumpet and mermaid

Helping beautiful curves to get the admiration they deserve: That is the goal of the fit trio Fit and Flare, Mermaid and Godet style/trumpet.

What they have in common is the cut, which consists of a flared skirt and a figure-hugging top. The three styles can be distinguished from one another primarily by the height at which the top ends and the skirt begins. In concrete terms, the whole thing looks like this.

Fit and Flare: the focus is on the bust

"Tight-fitting" and "flared": The translation of fit and flare already refers to the fit. In plain language, the skin-tight top transitions harmoniously from about the hips into a wide skirt. Depending on your personal preferences, this can be either voluminous or gently flowing. The effect is the same: the tight silhouette gives your upper body a perfect optical shape and, if necessary, hides smaller weak points from the bottom onwards. Another special feature is the variety of possible variations. In terms of the top, this means, for example:

- an open back, either plain or decorated with artistic ornaments, as a special eye-catcher,
- free shoulders for a delicate and natural look,
- a deep neckline with focus on a beautiful bust,
- a closed top and sleeves for a sophisticated contour.

Note: Fit and flare wedding dresses are well suited for tall, slim brides who want to show off their narrow waist and feminine silhouette.

Accentuated hips as a characteristic feature: wedding dresses in godet or trumpet style

Pure femininity: that's the short description of this enchanting, feminine fit. Easily recognizable by its hourglass shape, the trumpet wedding dress reveals the unique charms of beautiful hips. In practice, this is achieved by shifting the skirt to the middle of the thigh. While the top is skin-tight up to this point, the flared skirt promises maximum freedom of movement.

Tip: Godet-style wedding dresses look particularly good on brides with a narrow waist, round bottom and slim hips.

Getting married in a mermaid wedding dress: the fit for confident nymphs

Do you identify more with a mermaid than with a princess? Then this extravagant cut offers you the unique opportunity to express this visually. Mermaid wedding dresses clearly owe their name to their shape. After all, the resemblance of the skirt part that begins below the knee to the fin of the beautiful mermaid is unmistakable.

Good to know: The mermaid wedding dress is particularly flattering for slim women without problem areas. The optically slimming effect of this style also benefits tall brides.

A delight for the eyes and senses: the I-line wedding dress

If you value a comfortable fit as well as a stunning appearance, you will love the I-line style models. They get their name from their visual resemblance to the letter I. In English, this is also reflected in the name Column.

Combined with flowing fabrics such as silk and satin, which feel wonderfully light and soft on the skin, I-line wedding dresses deliver perfection, elegance and comfort in one.

Note: This narrow, straight cut is particularly suitable for slim and petite brides.

Sheath wedding dresses: the short version of the I-line

Transformability is everything with the sheath style. With this ability, it offers both petite and curvy brides magical opportunities to consciously showcase their very own assets. The sheath dress is naturally shorter than I-line models. However, it can be combined excellently with a flared skirt.
2 in 1 is the motto here.

Are you looking for a less opulent outfit for the registry office that can easily be combined with an elegant blazer or a casual denim jacket? You can't go wrong with a sheath dress.

Are you going for a romantic feel for the celebrations that follow? Then your sheath dress can be quickly and easily transformed into a flowing dream with a matching tulle skirt.

Good to know: Due to their high versatility and ability to be combined, sheath wedding dresses bring out the most beautiful sides of every bride.

Guaranteed eye-catchers: mini wedding dresses

It doesn't always have to be a long wedding dress! The elegant sheath shape sets a good example here. In addition, you can expect attractive minis in all styles. Whether simple, elaborate or romantic: with us you are sure to find a model that is perfect for your summer wedding. If you want to float unhindered and like a breath of fresh air across the dance floor without tripping over the dress and/or train, then minis are the way to go.

For example, mini wedding dresses with a tulle skirt and corset do a feather-light ballerina proud. Tight models with that special something like a slit, shoulders and back are a charming temptation. Artistic embroidery turns even a short dress into a nostalgic dream, while the modern A-line, even in the mini version, cleverly draws attention to the sunny side of every figure.

Non-binding advice from your wedding dress expert

Would you like to get an overview of the variety of wedding dresses, including different cuts and styles? Are you unsure which fit suits your figure best?

This is where we come in as competent, experienced and creative contacts. We would be happy to show you the different models on site in one of our shops. Of course, we can also help you choose your dream dress if you wish. It goes without saying that this dress will take the breath away not only of your future better half, but of the entire wedding party on your special day.